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Non IKEA Swedish collapsable furniture and porcelain skulls

April 2, 2013

Andréason & Leibel is a Swedish design studio that was just awarded the Red Dot Design Award. Now they are going to the Milan Design Week to launch a collapsable desk that's being assembled with invisible magnetic screws, riot inspired porcelain skulls and a sculptural vectorized coffee table. The Babylon Tower Desk seems to be randomly put together pieces of wood ? momentary but monumental inspired by the sixteenth century painting by Bruegel. It is a personal space for the gathering of one?s things and thoughts. And as with the original Tower of Babel it, quite surprisingly, collapses into a very flat pack, says Kristin Leibel. The Hedonist skulls begin as blank canvases and ends up as brief thoughts on human nature. The idea came from a newspaper image of an angry mob carrying signs with an unusual image of a skull and crossbones. This naive and “Munchesque' depiction of the human skull caught our attention and the thought of transforming it into a three dimensional object emerged, says Kristian Andréason.

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