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Moonrakers at St Mawes Retreats Luxury Accommodation in Cornwall - Review

April 8, 2013

It seemed a good idea at the time, see a bit of Cornwall, explore this lovely Isle, check up on some luxury property for Lussorian?s readers?.yet as we drove down from London on a dismal rainy day running on the last of our ?happy batteries?  (it?s been a long winter) we were wondered -had we made the right decision? What are we doing?? my partner muttered behind his driving wheel, ?is this a smart move, going to the edge of England after a hard week at work? It?s going to be freezing in Cornwall, plus we?re out of season- what if there?s nothing to do?? ?Who cares?!? was my first thought upon entering Moonrakers,?I don?t want to do anything, this place is GREAT!?. Like children on Christmas morning we inhaled the size of the house and raced upstairs to unwrap our temporary home. Greedily we explored each of the five (five!) bedrooms complete with underfloor heated ensuite, each containing enormous walk in showers (you know the types - giant chrome things that pummel you with delicious Swedish massagey rain) and bathtubs deep enough to warrant a lifeguard (all Villeroy& Boch thank you very much). Our master bedroom possessed a stand alone porcelain number that looked out towards the estuary and beyond, in fact there seemed also to be spectacular, breath taking sea views at every turn. And then there were the beds, oh the beds?.vast, white pillowy things created to swallow guests whole and release them 8 hours later, rested, glowing, shiny and new (I swear if a pea had lain hidden under those Moonraker mattresses not even Kate Middleton her princessy self would have clocked it.).

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