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April 10, 2013

The State of west Bengal, which reaches of the Himalayas up to the gulf of Bengal, reflects the variety of east India. The east draws by the connection of mountains and sea, as well as the contrast between close city life, like it in the metropolis Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) to find is and lonely ideal landscapes out. These lie predominantly in the easternmost states of India, which " also as; Seven Sisters" are designated. To visitors is offered there the possibilities on Trekking tours numerous national park and protected areas with its snow-covered mountain summits, pictorial seas, scintillating meadows in full green and the species-rich Flora and fauna. For plant lovers is the Flora Arunachal Pradesh is of special interest. There one finds over 600 Orchids, among them some extremely rare ones. Recovery of completely different kind is offered further south. There visitors here can make both vacation of Bengal and visit historical temple places in the interior.
Kolkata (Calcutta) - metropolis in the colonial style with museums worth seeing encouraged
Sundarbans Life Sanctuary - homeland of the Bengali tiger
Puri - Jagganath temple
Konark - Soraya temple; the famous sun temple is called because of its color also Black Pagoda
Bodh Gaya - most important buddhistische pilgrim place with Mahabodhi temple and Bodhi Tree Kaziranga national park - habitat of the Indian Wildlife
Darjeeling - Hillstation and well-known area of cultivation of tea
Manas national park - Bengali tiger, black Panther.

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