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Help me Sell My House!!

April 11, 2013

How long has your property been sitting on the market without any offers or signs of selling? How much longer are you going to wait until you take action to find out why your house is not selling and what can be done to make your property stand out from the competition? Here are the three most important steps to help you get your house sold!

Price to Sell! Seems easy enough but many sellers make the mistake of over-pricing their property. Avoid this costly and painful mistake by getting an appraisal done, a report that determines the market value of the property based on investigation, data, and analysis rather than subjective feelings. If you price your property correctly at the beginning, the likelihood of selling within the first few weeks is much higher. Overpriced properties sit on the market for months and months and sellers usually end up lowering the price or accepting lower than usual offers because they have become desperate to sell.
Stage to Sell! Would you send out an incomplete resume and expect a call back? Look at your property from the buyer’s perspective. If the first impression does not Wow or say Buy Me Now, then your buyer will move onto the next one. Highlight the best features of your home, make sure it is clean and presentable without clutter and remove anything that will detract from its beauty. A coat of fresh paint can go a long way and in a competitive market, staging the interior and enhancing the outside curb appeal of the property can help buyers to visualize your house as their new home.
Market to Sell! You know you want to sell your property but are you using the most appropriate methods to reach your goal of selling? Putting a for sale sign on the fence and hoping qualified buyers come knocking at your door is not realistic in today's market. You must have an intelligent and effective marketing plan to bring those buyers in! Over 80% of people start their property search online and if you are not tapped into this you can expect your property to be forgotten or overlooked. Be smart and use the resources and guidance of a realtor to make sure your property receives maximum exposure. Ask for a comprehensive report detailing how your property will be marketed to qualified buyers and listen to the feedback your realtor has received from potential buyers. 

The purchase of a home is the biggest buy a person will make and should be treated with professionalism and due diligence. There is no guarantee that your house will sell in x amount of time but by following these 3 steps you will be heading in the right direction. Please email or call me for further assistance or for any questions you might have.

Posted by:  Monica Knowles

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