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Disrupting television: Signalled out

April 11, 2013

A new thriller backed by Diller
?HOW many people here love their cable company?? Chet Kanojia, the boss of Aereo, an internet TV start-up, posed that question to an audience recently. Only one man raised his hand?and he worked for one. Mr Kanojia (pictured) started Aereo in 2012 to capitalise on people?s hatred of high cable bills. For as little as $80 a year, his firm allows subscribers in New York city to record programmes and watch live broadcasts over the internet. Aereo rents each subscriber a fingernail-sized antenna, which it houses in a warehouse in Brooklyn.Television companies loathe Aereo. It does not pay networks for the free-to-air channels it streams. It allows people to receive content without paying for the bundles of channels from which cable firms derive their profits. Broadcasters have sued Aereo for copyright infringement and filed a request to shut down the service (this was denied on appeal on April 1st).?Aereo is stealing our signal,? grumbled Chase Carey, the president of News Corporation, which owns Fox, a broadcast network, on April 8th. Mr Carey has threatened that if Aereo continues, Fox could turn itself into...

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