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Robert Pattinson Gifts Kristen Stewart $40K Locket

April 12, 2013

Can we make it official now? Robsten is alive and well!

Following reports that Kristen Stewart has been going out of her way to save the relationship, we can now confirm that it's worked...

... because Robert Pattinson doled out some serious bank for his woman's 23rd birthday this week!

According to Star, Rob has presented Kristen with a $40,000 antique gold and platinum locket.

It contains photos of the couple inside, along with inscription: ?Even if you can?t see me, my love for you is always there.?

AWWWW, you guys!!!

?She was really touched - it was so incredibly sweet,? a source told the tabloid. ?She?s been in tears, saying she can?t face being away from Rob for too long and that it physically hurts her.?

Fortunately, Pattinson is back from filming a movie in Australia and Stewart has no reason to be in pain.

We're go happy for these two. Can we now start the countdown for the Robsten wedding?

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