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Bally Piaffel Tote: Perfectly Perforated

April 15, 2013

Swiss brand Bally has been around for more than 160 years, but this juicy orange bag is a fresh as can be! After what seemed like a never-ending winter, the on-trend Piaffel tote is just what the designer ordered for summer ? an accessory that?s light, bright, and fun. The spicy saffron hue is more coral than bright orange, so you can easily tone it down or show it off depending on your outfit. Pair with bold colors like ocean blue for maximum vibrancy, or with jeans/white slacks for something more relaxed (just don?t forget your flirty espadrilles!). The airy bag stays grounded with thick, reinforced handles, but ultimately, it?s very lightweight, which is just what you want when you?re running around in the hot sun. And don?t worry about the diamond-shaped perforation revealing too much ? there?s an interior suede pouch if you long for extra privacy! Available at Bally for $1,395.

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