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Ad of the Day: Taco Bell

April 15, 2013

Taco Bell walks the line between cute and gross in its latest commercial, featuring a teenage boy going in for his first kiss in his parents' minivan.

The girl sitting shotgun doesn't really seem that interested in him—she appears much more enamored of her Taco Bell Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. But the boy boldly challenges the fast food for her affections, stealing a kiss and coming away with—well, if not the girl's heart, at least a pleasant soupçon of chewed-up taco. Awww. (Ewww?)

Director Zach Math, last seen shipping your pants for Kmart, worked to create actual tension between the boy and girl, according to the agency, Deutsch L.A. He wouldn't let them talk to each other until the shooting began, and then he tore a $100 bill in half and gave one half to each actor, saying they could tape it back together again only after the shoot—if they went out on a date together. (Taco Bell not included. White Castle is the more romantic fast-food joint anyway.)

The song, because that's what half the people watching this new Taco Bell ad will want to know, is "All Eyes on You" by St. Lucia.

Client: Taco Bell
Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles
Production Company: Bob Industries
Director: Zach Math


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