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Octomom Welfare Case: Income Much Too Great For Public Assistance, Source Reports

April 22, 2013

Financial documents show Nadya Suleman could be in major hot water over her income from 2012 and the fact that she was still collecting welfare.

The Los Angeles County Department of Welfare Fraud Prevention and Investigation is looking into the mother of 14, who has been on public assistance.

If Octomom makes under $119,000 in a year, it's not a problem (lots of mouths to feed). But it looks like she made $150,248.77 last year - at least.

According to 1099 documents, the Octomom porn video made her $33,300, while some company called DD Entertainment paid her nearly double that.

It's not clear exactly for what, but she worked the pole at some Florida strip club gigs and even had a job with a payday loan company at one point.

Nadya Suleman also netted $57,500 from another mystery company, and was paid $813 to appear on the short-lived CW series H8R. Yes, $813.

Octomom reportedly collected more than $60,000 in welfare benefits, including food stamps, in 2012, a source familiar with the investigation said.

The investigation is still ongoing, but if the WFP&I determines Suleman committed welfare fraud, she could be facing more than three years in prison.

Fraud could be tough to prove, even if technically true, because if it was Suleman's goal to bilk the system, she's not exactly doing a good job of it.

She seems to have spent all of her income, whatever it came too.

As we reported last week, she was hit with an eviction notice for not paying $2,590 rent on her house, then peaced out in the middle of the night.

Leaving the place a "den of filth smelling like urine," sources say, with "beer bottles in the garage and toys and trash littered all throughout the house.?

If this woman is committing fraud, she sucks at it.

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