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Tanning Mom Offers to Film Sex Tape, Calls Farrah Abraham a Whore

April 22, 2013

Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil apparently offered herself to adult video company Vivid to shoot her very own sex tape. She wrote to CEO Steve Hirsch:

?I see you are trying to buy this sex tape from this Teen Mom. Well, if you REALLY want to make more MONIES, then I would agree to let you film me and all my hotness."

"I am far MORE popular and WAY HOTTER than [recent sex tape star Farrah Abraham]. Men want a cougar and a real woman, not a teenybopper."

"Contact me back if you?re ready to talk serious cash and rock the world.?

Seriously. This happened.

She initially lashed out after the email leaked, declaring "I am furious with TMZ! They?re making that crap up when it?s not true! But it doesn?t matter to them - here we go again!"

?I am not a whore like Farrah the Teen Mom, I?ve never done porn nor would I ever. They just took what I said, and turned it around for the media!?

However, Hirsch produced the email and said ?The letter is from Tanning Mom 100% and I would never comment on anything that hadn?t been verified.?

Krentcill then contacted RumorFix to retract her denial.

She said, ?I was just confused with the questions."

Mmm hmm.

"I did send the letter to Vivid, but after I did, I felt like I was being attacked by the public. What TMZ said about the letter was true," Krentcil claims.

"My manager is weighing all our options and benefits. I was not mad at TMZ! People were commenting and making statements that are not true.?

One thing we certainly imagine to be true ... if she could replicate the success of the Octomom porn, she would most likely take it into serious consideration.

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