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Bill Maher: Claiming Christian, Jewish Extremists Are the Same as Islamists Is Liberal B***s***

April 22, 2013

I?m not a total hater of Bill Maher and this clip from his show on Saturday is another reason why.

Civil-rights attorneyBrian Levin was a guest on the showand claimed that Christian andJewish extremists are as bad as today?s Islamic ones.

Maher, rightfully, calls him on his ?liberal bulls**t.?

Levin?s cluelessness in on fully display when Maher asks himif a Book of Mormon?type play based on the Koran would be feasible; ?possibly so,? he answers.If Levin truly believes that, might I suggest a Kickstarter campaign to bring such a play to Broadway ?with Levin producing? Then Levin can see what the world is really like.


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