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Where Should I Eat in Austin?

April 24, 2013

My small family is headed to Austin for a long weekend of biking the lake trail, splashing in the springs, and peeping bluebonnets. We're a little bit nervous that we might never be able to leave, especially since all the tacos, brisket, and Tex-Mex we plan to consume might render our airplane too heavy to take off. But with only four days in town, we have to be mercilessly selective: After all, that's only 12 meals and 8 snacks! Our own guide to the Top 5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Austin covers the best picks for Texas-style barbecue, true Mexican food, and sushi--yes, sushi--in the city, but where else should we go? (Full disclosure: Our toddler will be riding shotgun on this trip, and while she's far from a nuggetarian, she's not, shall we say, the most elegant fine dining companion.) What's your favorite food in Austin? pictured: Fonda San Miguel

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