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When Food Businesses Take Sides

April 24, 2013

The last thing I need in my kitchen is more gewgaws, but when I was walking up to Eataly from the Union Square Greenmarket a little while ago I passed this and had to go in and make absolutely sure. At a time when speaking out on any issue can cost you customers, Fishs Eddy clearly has no compunction about standing on the brave side. The least I could do was support it. When I got home, my consort was unimpressed: "This is New York. What do you expect?" And he's right. Manhattan Mini Storage runs in-your-unliberal-face ads in the subways and on billboards all the time. But there's something about the food world that's particularly vulnerable to "say nothing even if you see something; otherwise you alienate potential patrons." And this Fishs Eddy is in a neighborhood always crawling with tourists, not least because it also encompasses both the Union Square Greenmarket and Eataly. Non-foreigners might take offense. I wound up not buying anything, although I was sorely tempted by this little red chicken timer (out of stock online but piled high in the store). We already own timers. But if any of you happen to be looking for great sturdy stuff, this is a resource to remember. Not least because it sells mugs and glasses in both cat and dog motifs, the superiority of which could inspire more impassioned arguments.

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