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Stone Cold Beauty: Emma's Simple Tricks and Routine

April 25, 2013

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For 24-year-old Emma Stone, life moves a mile a minute. We sat down with Emma at the Hudson Hotel in New York City to find out how she balances work, life, & play -- all while staying stunningly gorgeous.

Emma arrived in a gradient purple and pink top paired with a simple high waisted skirt. Earlier that morning, she appeared at a Walgreens in Times Square debuting Revlon's newest beauty wonder, Lash Potion Mascara. As a Global Brand Ambassador for Revlon along with fellow actress Olivia Wilde, Emma knows a thing or two about mascara. "I'm not very good at this stuff, it's much better when a makeup artist does it for me. With this stuff [Revlon Lash Potion] it just kinda happens. It's magic," remarked Emma. All joking aside, Revlon's newest mascara Lash Potion has some serious volumizing and plumping power. It really does have magical effects, just like Emma said.

For Emma, skin care is essential, but it doesn't come easy. "I'm allergic to everything. I can really only use products with a single ingredient. So I love to experiment," said Emma. When pressed for any skin care secrets, Emma revealed most of her favorite skin products are found in an unexpected place: Her kitchen. "I sometimes use brown sugar as an exfoliant, coconut oil is great for the skin and hair, and I keep a bottle of olive oil in my bathroom. I'll rub it on my face [for moisture] and I smell like Focaccia, isn't that sexy?"

Whether Emma is traveling or spending time in New York City, staying true to herself is something she learned from her mother, whose guidance has helped Emma keep things simple. Emma remarked, "when I was a kid, she was always telling me to dress in what made me happy. She parented me in a way that encouraged me to follow my own path." That path has led Emma to success, love, fame, and much more. Whether she's starring in the next Spiderman or appearing in a commercial for Revlon Lash Potion, Emma's infectious personality and striking beauty has made her one of our favorite actresses to watch.


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