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Kate Middleton: Not Moving Back in With Parents After Giving Birth

April 29, 2013

The beautifully pregnant Kate Middleton is not moving in with her parents after giving birth this summer, despite rumors suggesting this scenario.

While her preparations include stroller shopping and maintaining that ultra-chic maternity wardrobe, the Duchess is not changing addresses.

Sources do say Kate will spend more time with her family once the royal heir(ess) is born. Middleton's due date is mid-July; the baby's gender is unknown.

Rumors are also swirling that Prince William and his wife, who mark their second anniversary today, are expecting a boy after purchasing a blue stroller.

Sources say that may not be the case either, however.

That particular color is actually more of a lilac than a blue, insiders say, and is also popular among those expecting a girl ? or who choose to keep it a secret.

So, who knows! What do you think they're having? Vote!

The Royal Baby will totally be a ...


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