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Recipes from Jeanne Kelley's Kitchen Garden Cookbook

May 8, 2013

With spring in full bloom, it's finally time to enjoy some new produce. And if you're lucky enough to have your own garden or be part of a community garden, this time of year has particular resonance. From now through at least August or September, you'll be able to enjoy the fruits--and veggies--of your labor. As recipe developer, cookbook author, and food stylist Jeanne Kelley writes in her recently published Kitchen Garden Cookbook, "To be able to pick something for dinner rather than pick up something for dinner is an unrivaled experience." In addition to her culinary expertise (Kelley was a contributing editor to Bon App├ętit for more than a decade, so you'll find her recipes in abundance on Epicurious), Kelley raises chickens and keeps bees in her own backyard, and she has a large plot in the community garden down the street from her home. Her new book brings together these two talents, gardening and cooking, and offers an introduction to growing your own food, as well as a seasonal guide to cooking with your homegrown ingredients. Kitchen Garden Cookbook opens with gardening basics, such as where to plant and how to prepare the soil. After that, Kelley dives into the seasons, offering advice on how to grow and then enjoy various ingredients throughout the year. It's a bit of a seed-to-supper guide, as Kelley pairs planting pointers for each ingredient with one or more recipes for that same ingredient. A final section is devoted to chickens and bees, with Kelley's detailed guidance, plus recipes for cooking and baking with eggs and honey. Of course, even the dirt averse can enjoy this ingredient-driven cookbook book, as it's filled with recipes to take you through the year, no shovel required. Recipes to try: Three Peas with Barley, Chile & Green Garlic Chicken Tostadas with Radish Slaw Goat Cheese Toasts with Walnuts, Honey & Thyme

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