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Throw a Great Gatsby Party

May 9, 2013

Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby opens at midnight, and for the last few weeks in New York, every storefront seems to have been Gatsby-fied. The Plaza Hotel, which is one of the settings of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic, has opened a Fitzgerald Suite and is offering a special Todd English Gatsby Brunch in its food court, the costumes are on display at Prada, and dandy wannabes can buy 1920s duds at Brooks Brothers. We've always loved the book, so we poured through it again to craft a Movie Menu based on The Great Gatsby. In Fitzgerald's day, food had yet to be the new jazz, so his mentions of food and drink are often vague: highballs, ale, and spiral hams. That vagary gave us some license to craft an incredibly boozy party menu with Retro Highballs, Fever Cocktails, and a few snacks to keep you going until the sun comes up the next morning. The best part about throwing a Gatsby party is that as host, you play the role of Gatsby. You can interact as much or as little with your guests as you'd like. Just be sure to hide the valuables if you turn in early. Get our complete Great Gatsby Movie Menu. (Photo: Warner Brothers Pictures)

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