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Amanda Bynes Pleads No Contest to Suspended License Charge

May 9, 2013

Amanda Bynes has just pleaded no contest to driving on a suspended license, stemming from one of her many run-ins with traffic laws last year.

Her lawyer, Rich Hutton, made the plea on her behalf.

Bynes will be placed on three years' probation, which requires her to obey all laws ... not a guarantee given the way things have been going lately.

The star is also not allowed to drive without a valid license and insurance - less of an issue now that she lives in NYC - and must pay a $300 fine.

Charges were filed in September after she was pulled over in Burbank. Police found her license was suspended, ticketed her and impounded her car.

Amanda's license had been suspended a few weeks earlier because of two hit-and-run charges filed against her, both of which were settled out of court.

She also still has a fairly serious DUI case pending, but she's pretty much off the hook for the rest of the infractions after today's no contest plea.

No comment on today's proceedings on Amanda Bynes' Twitter. Just a lot of topless selfies, ramblings about ugly people and occasional celebrity feuds.

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