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Immigration Reform Is Pro-Growth

May 10, 2013

At the end of the day, the battle over immigration reform is not about dollars and cents. It?s about the soul of a nation. President Reagan reminded us that America must remain a ?beacon? and a ?shining city on a hill? for immigrants who renew our great country with their energy while adding to economic growth and prosperity.

And here?s a quote from Jack Kemp: ?Americans and immigrants share the same value of work, family, and opportunity. There is no reason to fear the newcomers arriving on our shores today. If anything, they will energize what is best about our country.?

It strikes me that the Republican party has lost its growth-and-opportunity message in recent years, and has replaced it with a very austere vision. Debt, deficits, and budget-cutting all have their place in the economic-policy debate. But the GOP has forgotten that strong economic growth leads to a balanced budget, not the other way around.

The GOP must reclaim the growth-and-optimism message of Reagan and Kemp. Immigration reform is part of that message. 

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