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5 Reasons to Love Jennifer Aniston's Hair Even More

May 11, 2013

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There are plenty of reasons to love Jennifer Aniston: she's stunningly beautiful, hilariously goofy, and a great actress, but we found out that the 44-year-old California born beauty has a few bad hair days, just like us!

Here are five reasons Jen is just like us:

1) She really wants Gisele Bündchen's hair - "I want Gisele's. I do say that to Chris, and then he does whatever he wants to. I also love Kate Moss's hair. It's that rolled out of bed look. Somehow she can wear a Dior Couture dress and look good."

2) She knows how to blow-dry her own hair - "It's taken me years to learn, but I can. I use three different brushes. I use a big round brush, a medium round brush and a Mason Pierson.

3) Like most haircuts, "the Rachel" was sort-of a mistake - "I walked in and he sat me down, and he didn't even ask my what I wanted and he just lobbed it off." - and thus the Rachel was born.

4) She hates dry shampoo, but isn't afraid to not to wash her hair - "When I was very little and I had long, long, long hair, my mom would put baby powder in my hair, and I was like mom just wash it! No, I don't wash it every day. I've gone four days without washing."

5) She loves beach spray - "Every time I was at the beach the curls were different, I started going down to the ocean and putting it in a spray bottle. Then Chris introduced me to beach spray. Blew my mind."

It's hard to believe that the woman who made "the Rachel" so iconic could wake up with her hair array, but after sitting down with Jen in New York City to discuss her company and super-scientific line of hair care, Living Proof, we realized, even Jen Aniston is human.

Click through the gallery above to see Jen's hair transformation and watch the video below to see how even Jen Aniston has a bad hair day every now and then.


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