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The Bloomberg News Scandal Gets Worse

May 14, 2013

Not only were Bloomberg reporters snooping in on Bloomberg-terminal users for their reporting, but the Financial Times is reporting that private memos have been leaked as well:

More than ten thousand private messages sent between users of Bloomberg?s financial terminals have leaked online, undermining the company?s attempts to restore faith in its ability to keep client data confidential as it scrambles to allay clients? privacy concerns.

Two long lists showing confidential Bloomberg messages between traders at dozens of the world?s largest banks and their clients have been online for several years, the Financial Times has learnt.

The documents from one particular day in 2009 and also from 2010, contain messages sent in by clients so Bloomberg could extract price data for their use on bonds, credit default swaps and other financial products from traders? messages.

The messages had been found, a financial markets professional said, through a simple Google search. They were taken down from the internet on Monday, after the FT enquired about them.

So, how long until Mayor Bloomberg?s name surfaces in all of this? The rest here.

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