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John Waters' Filthy World: Love For Vaudeville, Baltimore And Bieber

May 14, 2013

John Waters will perform Wednesday in an old vaudeville house in Washington -- a space in which he's wanted to work since he was a boy in Baltimore. After changing the face of "dirty" cinema, releasing multiple New York Times best-selling books, collecting checks from Broadway and curating albums of Christmas music, Waters will be taking the stage himself.

The writer-director has been performing the one-man show, "This Filthy World," around the world since 2006. The show features personal stories of surviving Hollywood, peddling low-brow films and crossing over into the mainstream. Waters will bring a version of the show to D.C. this week for one night only.

In a Q&A with HuffPost D.C., one of our favorite famous artists revealed why he made Governor Martin O'Malley very uncomfortable, what he wants to do with Justin Bieber and what he thinks about celebrities that are too good to pose for pictures with their fans.

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