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Biff From Back to the Future's Son: High School Pitching Star

May 16, 2013

Tommy Wilson, son of actor Thomas F. Wilson, who played Biff Tannen inBack to the Future, is emerging as an elite high school pitcher.

Wilson starts for Notre Dame High in Sherman Oaks, CA., and we can imagine that he gets his fair share of heckles thrown his way.

Why? Well, his dad's iconic character was full of 'em. From "butthead," to "chicken," opposing fans have plenty of options.

In 33.1 innings, the younger Wilson, who was only recently joined the starting rotation, has a 1.68 ERA with 44 strikeouts. Excellent numbers.

As for how the crowd treats him, knowing who is father is? Wilson says, "They'll quote the movie sometimes...They'll try to make jokes about it and stuff, but I try not to focus on that too much."

Thomas F. Wilson has also appeared on shows likeFreaks and GeeksandFranklin & Bash. He can bee seen in the upcoming movieThe Heat.

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