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Kai the Hitchhiker: Wanted For Murder!

May 16, 2013

Kai the Hitchhiker, the oddball who gained online fame this year following a random act of heroism and a tremendous local TV interview, is wanted for murder.

Union County law enforcement has issued a warrant for him for the murder of Joseph Galfy, Jr., in Clark, N.J., the Union County Prosecutor's Office says.

Galfy was reportedly found dead inside his home on May 13.

The cause of death has been declared as blunt force trauma. Police say Kai (Caleb Lawrence McGillvary) is considered armed and dangerous.

Kai is said to have cut his hair to conceal his identity, and was last seen at a rail station near Haddonfield, N.J. He is officially a murder suspect.

Back in February, McGillvary, a.k.a. Kai, was passing through Fresno, Calif., when he stumbled into an alarming situation - and quasi-celeb status.

Kai saw a man attack a utility worker with a car and assault a woman at a gas station, after which he hit the man with a hatchet to stop the attack.

His interview shortly thereafter (above) was a viral sensation.

Basically, he was Charles Ramsey before Charles Ramsey, but Antoine Dodson was Kai before Kai was Kai. Okay, that made absolutely no sense.

Anyway, Kai videos have been viewed millions of times, making the apparent dark turn in McGillvary's once-great story all the more shocking.

Sadly, we don't foresee this ending well.

He posted this on Facebook this week:

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