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'Fat' Abercrombie Ads Are A Brilliant Response To CEO Mike Jeffries (PHOTOS)

May 20, 2013

We're sure we don't have to remind you about the Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO's not-so-popular preference for selling his clothes exclusively to "cool," "good-looking" folks (and not "larger people," as industry expert Robin Lewis suggested). Unsurprisingly, many customers found his outlook offensive, and even celebs like Ellen DeGeneres and Kirstie Alley have given their two cents on the matter.

But we think we may have found the best response yet in a blog post by Jes M. Baker of The Militant Baker. The blogger addresses Jeffries in an open letter, taking on the executive's initial comments and subsequent ill-received public apology.

"The only thing you've done through your comments (about thin being beautiful and only offering XL and XXL in your stores for men) is reinforce the unoriginal concept that fat women are social failures, valueless, and undesirable. Your apology doesn't change this."

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