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What I Ate and Drank in North Korea: What Are Your Questions?

May 20, 2013

Late last year, I managed to get into North Korea for a week or so. It was, unsurprisingly, one of the more bizarre trips of my life. (The photo above, for example, was the view I woke up to every morning in my hotel room in Pyongang.) It also upended a lot of my assumptions I'd had as an American about the place and people there. And, yes, I actually did eat while I was there. I'll be posting my observations and photos of my eating and drinking experiences in the DPRK in a few days, but wanted to see if there were any questions you wanted me to address before I wrote it. So ... what questions do you have for me about my North Korea trip? Add them in the comments section here and I'll try to answer them all in my coming Epi-Log post.

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