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Dairy Queen Effort Reaches Beyond the Blizzard to Burgers and Fries

May 21, 2013

Dairy Queen is launching an ad campaign next week in hopes that it can turn once-a-month visitors who see it as an ice cream stand into frequent customers who return for burgers, fries and chicken strips.

The chain's new tagline, "Fan food. Not fast food" replaces its previous tagline, "So Good It's RiDQulous," and is expected to run in about a dozen new spots this year, but the tagline and campaign are slated to continue long after that. One spot features what the chain calls a brand anthem that celebrates its fans and their relationship with the brand.

"Our objective is to reconnect emotionally with our consumers," said Barry Westrum, exec VP-marketing at American Dairy Queen Corp. "Ours is a fierce category, frequency is at a premium, and we really see the opportunity for our business to grow by taking these existing customers that have such strong feelings to get them to come back that much more frequently." He said that 56% of DQ's users are light (one visit per month), yet they only represent 29% of total visits. "If we can get light users to visit one time more per month, it would have a significant impact on our business."

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