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Boy Scouts Vote to Allow Gay Scouts; Gay Scout Leaders Still Prohibited

May 24, 2013

The Boy Scouts of America have voted to allow gay Scouts to join the ranks.

According to multiple media sources, the scouting organization decided, by a 61-38 vote, to eliminate sexual orientation as youth membership criterion.

Under the new ruling, gay Scout leaders are still prohibited, however.

The Boy Scouts of America's National Council's decision to ease a long-standing ban and allow openly gay boys came amid a firestorm of controversy.

One that likely won't end with this particular vote, either.

The Scout leaders who voted during the annual meeting in Texas accepted the proposal, but it was far from unanimous, and may not please either side.

Already, critics say they went too far ... or not far enough.

Some conservative churches that sponsor Scout units wanted to continue excluding gays, in some cases threatening to defect if the ban were lifted.

More liberal Scout leaders, while supporting the proposal to accept gay youth, have made clear they want the ban on gay adults lifted as well.

Should the Boy Scouts allow gay scouts?


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