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Fridge Styles: What to Buy?

May 24, 2013

Side-by-side, French doors, freezer on top, drawers at the bottom. So many fridge options. Then, is it worth getting a built-in water dispenser and ice crusher, or are they likely to break and cause trouble? Shopping for a fridge is a headache. I thought I'd settled on a Samsung side-by-side refrigerator that Consumer Reports recommends, then found a slew of customer reviews--a real mix, from an impressive five stars to a dismal, lonely one. Back to square one. Friends offer a mix of suggestions, too. And then people have been telling me that many brands are made by the same company. So, does it even make any difference which brand you buy? As long as it's an energy-efficient model, I'm beginning to wonder. Anyone bought a new fridge recently? Are you happy with your choice, or are there features you wish you'd selected? As always, I'm eager to benefit from your collective wisdom.

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