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Boro ? The Fabric of Life highlights traditional Japanese patchwork textiles

May 28, 2013

Every summer Domaine de Boisbuchet  shows a new and interesting exhibition related to design and architecture. The exhibition this year is called Boro – The Fabric of Life? and highlights traditional Japanese patchwork textiles. The Boro textiles represent a lot of the essential principles of traditional Japanese ethics and aesthetics. The exhibition presents approximately 50 blankets, bags, shirts, Kimonos, trousers and other clothing items. They were all mended by poor peasants from left-over, usually indigo dyed fabrics between 1850 and 1905. It's about respect for the singularity of things, which is very much the opposite to today?s consumption-oriented life patterns. Boro ? derived from the Japanese onomatopoeic boroboro which means something rotten ? thus demonstrates esteem for our available resources, labor and quotidian objects.

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