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Rethink: The Way You Live by Amanda Talbot

May 30, 2013

Amanda Talbot's book Rethink: The Way You Live, is a luscious, hardcover book aimed at challenging and inspiring us to reconsider the way we design our homes. Rethink: the Way You Live (Murdoch Books), is a new study of how our homes are changing in this post-recessional world. Talbot?s inspirational book is a determinately non-preachy book arising out of disenchantment with the rather stage-managed world of up market interior magazines and the growing gap between the homes featured and the way she and her friends lived. Another factor also came into play: moving the personal story into a much bigger picture. The global economy crashed, friends lost their jobs and I was feeling scared and overloaded, Amanda Talbot says. In her book she explores a series of themes from living with greenery, human-centric design, optimistic design, space considerations, self-sufficiency and self-examination. Her back-to basics checklist asks us to consider what we buy, to avoid fashion fads, to ask ourselves if we will be bored with this object next year? Will it endure our family?s lifestyle? And most pertinently, do we really need another one? Talbot states. Good design is no longer just about colour, function and aesthetics. It is about [...]

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