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Star Wars Attack Wedding Photo: Nerdiest, Coolest Ever!

June 16, 2013

The dudes in Wedding Crashers have nothing on these guys.

The entire wedding party fleeing a squad of Imperial AT-AT Walkers a la The Empire Strikes Back? Probably the best idea for a wedding photo ever ...

Photographer Lisa Wiebe tried to creating a nerd-tastic chase scene for bride and groom Leslie Seiler and Paul Kingston, both diehard Star Wars fans.

Safe to say she succeeded.

Wiebe halted traffic while a horde of screaming bridesmaids and groomsmen ran for their lives down a Toronto street in order to get this shot.

"Our philosophy as photographers is to keep true to our couples," Tony and Danielle Lombardo of Little Blue Lemon photography told Mashable.

"To get to know them so that we can shoot their wedding in a way that is unique to them ... I don't think you could do this shot for just anyone."

"For this shot, all the ingredients were there to make it awesome. Most of the bridal party are professional performers and really knew how to 'sell it.'"

Can you think of an idea that would top this? If so, share!

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