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Heather Locklear Explains The 'Relationship' She Never Had With Tom Cruise (VIDEO)

June 19, 2013

Heather Locklear explained her relationship -- or more specifically her non -- with Tom Cruise on "Chelsea Lately." Apparently, this has been turned into a bit of something by the press, and yet it never really was. The two are regularly listed as "famous exes" and yet Locklear says they never dated.

They went out together one time after auditioning for something together. "We were dancing at a club and he went into that..." she started, before stopping. Even Locklear wasn't sure how to explain what was going on. "You just kind of stand there and don?t know what to do," she said finally. "Do you dance around him?"

She was referring to Tom's infamous underwear dance from "Risky Business." Locklear said she just sat down and let him do his thing and that was pretty much the end of this so-called "relationship."

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