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Amanda Bynes: I'm a Survivor and a HERO!

June 20, 2013

Amanda Bynes feels that Amanda Bynes is nothing short of heroic.

Why, you might ask? She'll tell you on Twitter in an EPIC rant!

The erratic starlet took to Twitter to offer LOADS of details no one asked for regarding her plastic surgeries (apparently) and alleged "birth defect."

That's what she's terming the "webbing" between her eyes, natch.

"I was born with webbing in between my eyes," Amanda Bynes began. "It was a birth defect I had surgically removed! I've never been more excited!"


"Now I need a few more surgeries to shave the bridge down to correct the rest of my nose so I can start the next chapter of my career! Music!"

Yes, she's serious. Wyclef will not be collaborating with her, but the 27-year-old is dead set on this rap thing, and she won't lack for inspiration.

"I consider myself to be a hero to have suffered 27 years with a birth defect and to just now have it surgically removed!" she said, modestly.

"I had to share my story with you so that the media would stop using old photos of me and stop writing lies about me having odd behavior."

Old photos. It all comes down to the old photos and the ugly people who post them.

"I was just embarrassed to share the fact that I had a birth defect. As soon as I had it removed I couldn't wait to talk about it," Bynes went on (and on).

"I wanted to share my story with you to prove that I'm not crazy, I was just embarrassed."

And that's not all.

"I'm having my next surgery on Saturday!" she confessed, without elaborating.

"My doctors are heroes who also correct kids who have cleft lip - something as traumatic as webbing in between your eyes!"

Totally as traumatic as that. She concluded:

"Surgery is a complete miracle for me - nothing can hold you back from living out your dreams. There's a surgery for everything that's wrong with you!"

The more you know.

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