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Wisconsin Assembly Votes On School Voucher Expansion; Decision Upsets Critics

June 21, 2013

Earlier this month, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said he would support only a limited expansion of the state's voucher program, but late last night, the state?s Republican assembly voted to steeply increase the program?s budget -- a move some suspect had to do with the politician.

The governor is a staunch supporter of voucher expansion, and Christina Brey of the Wisconsin Education Association Council says she believes he influenced the assembly on their vote, despite the fact that he had said he would stick to what was previously agreed upon.

?I think it?s a given that since it is Scott Walker?s budget and he hasn?t been shy about the fact that he supports voucher expansion,? Brey told The Huffington Post. ?I can say the assembly ? have traditionally always followed the governor's bidding.?

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