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'I Cheated And It Turned My Husband On'

July 3, 2013

By Michele Zipp for CafeMom?s blog, The Stir

We hear about people getting turned on by weird things all the time. There are some women who get all hot and bothered when their husband cooks, and others... get excited when they learn their partner is having an affair. Hold the phone. What?!?

Marianne* is a mom of two who has been married to Joseph* for just under 10 years. Things took some sort of turn in her marriage last year when she acted out on a fantasy to have sex with a guy who has been flirting with her for some time now. He's a bartender -- how cliché, she says. She told her husband about the affair and instead of wanting a divorce, he wants her more. It turned him on. Let's let Marianne tell us more.

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