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Aero-TV: A Celebration of July 4th... Aero-News Style

July 4, 2013

With Our Greatest Respect To ALL Who Served Over the years, the ANN crew has enjoyed, to the fullest extent possible, the amazing sights and sounds that comprise the world of aviation. But if we had a favorite, of all that we've experienced, it is the aircraft that were flown by amazing men and women in defense of our freedoms that take the top honors in our hearts and minds. From Ocean City to Oshkosh to Arlington, ANN Aero-TV crews and our editorial staff have come away time and time again with an immense sense of pride in has kept America free. And it is with the greatest of joy, pride and patriotism that ANN's Jim Campbell, Nathan Cremisino, Ashley Hale, Tom Patton, Glen Moyer, Paul Audd, Will Elder, Mike Cutler (our favorite Canon genius), and so many others, present this year's salute to those who served in the skies over America and the rest of the world defending our ability to enjoy aviation to this day.

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