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John Boehner: 'Unemployment Rate Is Far Too High'

July 5, 2013

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) reacted to Friday's jobs report, casting the country's economic growth situation as "tepid."

In a statement released on his website, Boehner admitted that there was "some good news in this report," but lamented that the "unemployment rate is still far too high."

"Just look at the last few weeks: the president admits that his health care law is a drag on businesses; he threatens to veto a bill based on his own plan to make paying for college easier, then watches quietly as Senate Democrats let interest rates double; and he makes up new reasons to delay the Keystone pipeline in a speech about imposing a national energy tax," he said. "Imagine how many jobs would be created if the president stopped trying to expand government and started working with Republicans on policies that create sustained economic growth and expand opportunity for all Americans.?

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