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Bremen: The Prizeotel Was an Experiment in 'Designocracy' for Karim Rashid

February 16, 2010

It's been a long, long time since we checked in on the prolific "Designer, DJ, Hotelier, Self Proclaimed World Changer" Karim Rashid but after we posted the Prizeotel's charming LipDup video yesterday, the hotel responded to us on Twitter, letting us know that Rashid is the man behind their hotel design. Prizeotel pointed us to this statement on their website where Rashid sums up his intention for Prizeotel:

prizeotel was a project in ‘Designocrasy': high design affordable to all. Design is not for the elite or the rich. I have always wanted to design a very inexpensive hotel and prizeotel brought the opportunity! The concept had to be very smart and economical yet

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