The Best Vegan, Organic and Eco-Friendly Beauty Buys for Earth Day

Apr 14, 2014  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Personally I’ve never been a fan of beauty that’s organic, natural or eco-friendly—I attribute this to my hippie parents where anything “natural” is immediately associated with the scent of patchouli oil. But now that it’s no longer the ‘60s, and women are looking to find beauty products that are better for them than their paraben-filled counterparts, there’s a decent selection of products that are good for you, good for the earth and don’t smell like hemp. 

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Japan's Top Beauty Secret: Slim Cera's Luxurious 24 Karat Gold Facial Roller

Apr 9, 2014  |   Contributor: Elizabeth Nicholas

As any good beauty devotée knows, the Japanese know their skincare from the inside out. The country that gave us Shiseido and SK-II is sending another life-changing (or at least skin-changing) export outside their borders in the form of the Slim Cera facial roller. 

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Lupita Nyong’o Announces Ambassadorship with Beauty Brand Lancôme

Apr 4, 2014  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Lupita Nyong’o has been having quite the year. It’s only April and she’s nabbed herself an Oscar, a SAG award, countless nominations and a campaign with Miu Miu—needless to say she’s doing pretty well. But the world can’t seem to get enough of the 31-year-old actress and this morning she announced via Instagram that she landed a gig with Lancôme.

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Hair Repair: Prep Your Strands While Rocking The Hottest Spring Runway Styles

Mar 20, 2014  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Today marks the first day of spring. Say goodbye to the polar vortex of your past and hello to the sunny days ahead. Long dreamy afternoons spent lounging beachside can only be ruined by a bad hair day (that and running out of rum for the piña coladas), so we’re here to help nip those issues in the bud. 

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Could Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Give You The Complexion of a Supermodel?

Mar 13, 2014  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

We will do anything, anything to have the complexion of a supermodel. We will primp, pluck, slather, soak and dab until we collapse—there is nothing we won’t try. But on the rare occasions when models come forth with all of their untold knowledge and secrets of beauty perfection, we hang on every syllable like it’s our last breath. 

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Miracle in a Bottle: Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Set Is a New Favorite

Mar 1, 2014  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

If you asked us what our number one beauty wish would be, we wouldn’t ask for clump-free mascara, or complexion clearing skin care or even the perfect red lipstick (that never smudged!), we would ask for amazing hair. Those kind of Pantene locks that smoothly flip over your shoulders, never frizz, even in the worst weather and fall right back into place after your man brushes his fingers through them—it’s the dream. 

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Chinese Beauty Gurus Are Making Their Mark In the Asian Cosmetics Market

Feb 17, 2014  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

In the beauty market there is a never ending supply of new technology, brands or miracle creams guaranteed to make you look 20 years younger overnight. There is always something newer, more popular or more expensive which comes along promising results that will defy time and laugh in the face of entropy. 

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Talking Business, Hair Trends & The Perfect Blowout With Drybar Founder Alli Webb

Jan 30, 2014  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

We confess, we’re kind of snobs when it comes to our hair. Five years ago we couldn’t find a decent place to get a perfectly tousled blowout and had to resort to curling irons, rollers or God-forbid—blow dry our own hair. 

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Londontown Aims to Give Us Back Our Beautiful and Lustrous Nails

Jan 9, 2014  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Okay it’s time to get totally honest—we’re all friends here and there’s no judging. We love our nail polishes, gels, nail wraps and all other manner of beautifying our fingers even if we know it’s not the best for us. 

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Glitter, Sparkle and Shine: Our Favorite Makeup For A Dazzling New Year

Dec 27, 2013  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Celebrating New Year’s Eve is all about the parties, the dresses, the champagne—okay, who are we kidding—it’s seriously about the makeup. You can’t ring in the holidays if your skin’s not all aglow.

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Love In Black Is Our New Favorite Fine Fragrance

Dec 18, 2013  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

In case you are looking for those last minute gifts or have suddenly decided that big book on Karl Lagerfeld might not be quite enough for the lovely lady in your life, you’re in luck. We found a gift that’s literally fit for royalty. 

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Dior's Golden Winter Collection Is Inspired by the Lights of Versailles

Dec 13, 2013  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Dior’s holiday cosmetic campaign brings back Russian supermodel Daria Strokous from their Fall/Winter 2013 line, to be the face of the Golden Winter Collection. Wearing a sparkling, sheer Dior gown and large ruby earrings, Strokous runs around looking like royalty in the new, limited-edition shades.

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Själ Skincare Lets Us In On Why Gemstones Are More Than Just A Luxury

Dec 8, 2013  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Skincare with a blend of gold, natural ingredients and luxurious gemstones seem to be one of the trendiest things in beauty—but are all those precious stones and metals really making any difference in your complexion?

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The 12 Days of Christmas: Counting Down Some Of Our Favorite Fashion Gifts

Dec 4, 2013  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

We’re here counting down the days until we get turkey, presents and a little of that holiday mistletoe. But while Christmas is well over 12 days away we figured it would be best to get a head start (aren’t we responsible!) and breakdown our favorite fashion gifts for this yuletide season.

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Three French Hens: The Top Parisian Beauty Buys

Dec 4, 2013  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Let’s be honest. French women have that perfectly casual beauty down to an art. Somehow they roll out of bed, pull on their striped tops and look ready for the day.

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