Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar 2011 a Triumph for AMEX

Sep 20, 2011  |   Contributor: Lena Katz

American Express celebrated the 40th birthday of its publishing arm's powerhouse glossy Travel + Leisure by throwing a party that lasted three days and extending an open invite to New York cognoscenti and globorati.... Read More

The Out NYC: A New Planned Gay Resort For New York City

Jul 26, 2011  |   Contributor: Deidre Woollard

Not long after the much-celebrated decision to sanction gay marriage in New York there are plans for a new gay hotel in New York City. Parkview Developers has announced The Out NYC which is billed as a gay urban resort that will be a destination for both locals and tourists.... Read More

Best Day Parties of 2011

Jul 22, 2011  |   Contributor: Lena Katz

Some say "Live easy in the summertime." Others say "Party like you never have before." Join the jet set on a Champagne-powered, high-fashion roundup of the most exclusive day parties of 2011.... Read More

Gansevoort Park Avenue: Urban Resort in Downtown NYC

Jun 17, 2011  |   Contributor: Lena Katz

In the ultra-posh, storied and stressful environs of Manhattan’s Park Avenue, where taxis are harder to come by than chauffeured Bentleys and trust fund debutantes stare in heavy-lidded disapproval from the doorways, the Gansevoort Park Avenue is an unexpected haven of colorful, multi-cultural charm.... Read More

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