Luxury Summit 2012 | Survey of Affluence & Wealth in America

May 16, 2012  |   Contributor: Susan Kime  |  1 Comment

The 2012 American Express Publishing Luxury Summit was just completed, and one of its main concentrations was, as it has always been in the past, relevant research about wealth and affluence—based on surveys, interviews and focus groups conducted by the Harrison Group, led by Dr. Jim Taylor, Vice Chairman.... Read More

Spring 2012 American Affluence Research Group's Survey Results Part I

May 10, 2012  |   Contributor: Susan Kime  |  3 Comments

At the end of the day, research value is often determined by methods of data collection used. We have written before on Ron Kurtz, CEO of The American Affluence Research Center and his research, as his is the type of work that stands the test of time: it is longitudinal, being the 21st in a continuing series of twice-yearly surveys;... Read More Adds Luxury to Buying California Lottery Tickets

Mar 29, 2012  |   Contributor: James Rothaar  |  1 Comment

With the jackpot of the California Lottery setting at a new all-time high of $500 million, the sales of lottery tickets are soaring. The situation has provided some extra-special attention in the direction of a niche, luxury service club that enables California residents to buy lottery tickets online.... Read More

How Much Did Music's #1 Money Maker Earn Last Year?

Mar 12, 2012  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

There's no denying that Taylor Swift is one talented 22 year old, and making it to #1 on Billboard's Top 40 Money Makers 2012 list solidifies that.... Read More

Impact Investing | Doing Well By Doing Good

Mar 7, 2012  |   Contributor: Susan Kime

The basic definition of impact investing combines the words well with good: doing well and doing good. Back in the old days, say, a few years ago, if you wanted to invest money in a company or stock or industry, you would look at the single bottom line: the financial return.... Read More

Thought Leader Robert Balentine on the Art and Science of Investing

Dec 14, 2011  |   Contributor: Susan Kime

Robert Balentine is Chairman and CEO of Balentine, an independent, employee-owned investment management firm. He is also a visionary, working in a very traditional field. His ideas about investment, intuition, philanthropy, and client contact are cutting edge and unique. Here is my thought leader interview:... Read More

Traveler's Checks Step Aside, the UltraTravel Currecy Card is Here

Jul 28, 2011  |   Contributor: Eric Meyers

Traveler’s checks are obnoxious, tacky, and so easily forged that few places will still accept this archaic form of currency, so before you start your next excursion, pick up the Ultratravel Currency Card instead. Designed specifically to benefit the luxury traveler, customers can preload this card with either U.S. Dollars, Euros, or U.K. Sterling, and doing so will ensure the most favorable exchange rates.... Read More

The Mobile Banking Age is Near!

May 13, 2011  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Mobile banking has become a real trend in today’s society. More and more people are using mobile banking in order to do many things, such as checking their balance, paying bills, and switching money between their accounts.... Read More

Smell Like Success with Liquid Money

Mar 11, 2011  |   Contributor: Kellie K. Speed

Everyone knows the sweet smell of success but what you may not know is that now you can actually smell as good as you are worth with Liquid Money.... Read More

The Biggest Luxury Purchases of 2010

Dec 30, 2010  |   Contributor: Carly Zinderman  |  1 Comment

News & Trends: Wondering what the big guys are into? Seriously, if you had all the money in the world (or close to it), what would you buy? Here's a look at what the billionaires of the world decided they couldn't live without in 2010:... Read More

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