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VIP Distinct

VIPDistinct specializes in lifestyle creation, luxury recreation and personalized service. We are an exclusive concierge entity that helps both individuals and corporations achieve balance in day-to-day existence via our expert concierge services that are fast, consistent and reliable.

VIPDistinct President, W. Glenn Bean, MBA and Multi-National Executive designate, has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Bean's expertise greatly lends to the VIPDistinct agenda which steeps itself in execution and excellence. "As an exclusive hospitality company, we offer personal and professional services that are fast, consistent and reliable," says Bean. "And our list of offerings includes an arrray of travel services, event planning and concierge assistance that is second to none."

Bean continues, "VIPDistinct means having the support of a team of people that delights in making the impossible happen. And we are proud to make known that our efforts are grounded by the best vendors and staff that are not only experienced but exceptional!"

In short, VIPDistinct is known for:

  • Using the best vendors available
  • Having many years of experience in hospitality
  • Paying attention to detail
  • Exceeding expectations
    Bean understands that, "our customers are of such a mindset that they want nothing but the best, they expect every detail to be taken care of for them and they expect their every wish to be met with extreme service."