Oct. 9th, 2012

"Minority Report" Style Crime Prevention Arrives in Boston

Netwatch USA
Photo Courtesy of Netwatch USA
No one wants to ever wake up or come home to an intruder in their home. While most security systems are able to identify the suspect while a crime is happening, we are going to let you in on a little secret known as Netwatch, which assists in preventing crime BEFORE it occurs. Netwatch USA opened an operation in Boston last year and currently has 60 clients in the Boston market.

“For luxury homes, it’s the ideal scenario,” said Netwatch Chief Executive Officer, David Walsh. “If a criminal wants to break into a home, they will camouflage themselves but we intervene before the crime happens. We have developed software so that we can take corrective action for a crime that is about to take place. We can email photos of an individual to the police so they are armed with this information for apprehension prior to the crime.”
 Netwatch USA

Intervention specialists at the Netwatch Communications Hub direct operations through remote CCTV monitoring and intervene as soon as security is breached, alerting the intruders to the fact they are being watched and the police have been informed. The system includes remote video response with live footage and wireless perimeter security with live audio warnings to protect homeowners and their premises while assisting in deterring intruders.

“If the system detects someone, we can give the police an accurate description of the crime, the color shirt of the intruder, as well as the getaway car’s make, model and license plate,” Walsh added. The cost of the Netwatch system? “It can run anywhere from $20 a day to $80 a day depending on the property,” Walsh said. "The Netwatch system offers a huge layer of added security that used to be delivered only by security cameras."
 Netwatch USA Protects Future Theft

"Traditional anti-theft systems have a high level of false alarms," he continued. "When the police respond, they have no way of knowing if it was an authentic burglary attempt or not. Our system serves as an eyewitness to a crime before it occurs.”
 Netwatch USA Anti-theft Systems

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