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James Posted on 07.28.2015


Heidi Posted on 10.28.2013

This is actually more common than one might initially suspect, and Chicago has a host of business-ready hotels that will certainly suit your needs. The Swissotel Chicago and the Hyatt Regency Chicago are the most highly regarded, but the city carries additional offerings in the form of the Hotel Allegro. Call ahead and make sure that their offerings match your needs, however.

Brooke Posted on 10.28.2013

Eat out for your meals, and skip any restaurant you've ever heard of. Keep on the lookout for small restaurants that specialize in the meal of the day you're looking for, and roll with the good and the bad. It's the best way to tap into the heart of any city and get a real feel for it. For something uniquely Chicago, though, check out Hot Doug's in Avondale, or Kuma's Corner for a more 'touristy' feel.

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