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Hublot Agrees to Tell Time for Seabourn Cruises

Sep. 28th, 2012 | Comments 1 | Make a Comment   
Seabourn Cruises
Photo Courtesy of Seabourn Cruises
If you are going on a luxury cruise, nothing could be worse than the opulent ambience being ruined when you need the time and you look up to see a cheap and ugly wall clock glaring 2:45 back at you. Not only are you late for the magician/hypnotist show, but you’ve also been snapped out of your happy dream of being away from the world of average-looking clocks. If you choose Seabourn Cruises for your oceanic adventure however, Swiss luxury timepiece company Hublot will ensure that doesn’t happen.

As Seabourn's new "official timekeeper," the deluxe watchmaker has created sophisticated wall clocks to be placed around the ship, so you are surrounded by only the most elegant timepieces while at sea. This collaboration should come as no surprise considering the two companies are overachievers in their respective fields. Seabourn has won a plethora of awards, readers choice, and otherwise. Hublot offers wristwatches going for a million dollars. Put the two together and you have a partnership to last the test of time.
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