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Plan a 2014 Adventure Cruise Through Snowy Greenland on Hurtigruten's MS Fram

hurtigruten cruises

Photos Courtesy of ClemensFranz/WikiCommons
Iíve always been intrigued by the thought that Iceland is green and Greenland is icy. If youíre anything like me, you may have the same curiosity guiding you to take a trip to either of the (confusing) countries to see this irony for yourselves. Nowís the time to start planning, as Hurtigruten cruises has recently announced a new, longer route in the north-west region of Greenland in the summer of 2014.
 hurtigruten cruises
Photo Courtesy of Hurtigruten Cruises

Part of their Explorer Voyages ó also taking place in Spitsbergen, Iceland, Antarctica, Europe and the Trans-Atlantic ó the expedition will take place on their ship MS Fram. The Arctic Wilderness Adventure will only be available for two dates in 11- and 13-day versions during June/July 2014. The first goes from June 26-July 6, while the second is from June 14-26 and is two days longer, allowing for more discovery of the area of Ilulissat. hurtigruten cruises
Photo Courtesy of Hurtigruten Cruises

Voyagers will first set off from Kangerlussuaq and head north across Disko Bay along the western coast of Greenland. Making their way through the countryís impressive ice landscapes, scenic coastal destinations and small settlements, guests will be able to learn more about the Inuit culture and its people. Among its stops is Qasigiannguit, a small, colorful town with around 1,300 inhabitants founded in 1734. The town is filled with residential homes, old colonial buildings and a museum highlighting important artifacts from the Inuitís hunting and fishing culture. hurtigruten cruises
Photo Courtesy of Hurtigruten Cruises

Along with the new harbors, MS Fram will continue to venture through the town of Uummannaq, past the glaciers of Eqip Sermia and to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ilulissatís ice fjord. All prices include wind and water-resistant jackets, landings with Polarcirkel boats WITH activities onboard and ashore, A professional English-speaking Expedition team, complimentary tea and coffee, and a welcome gift.

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