Atlantic City Casinos Go Viral

Posted: Jan. 3rd, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse

It's official, approval has been given for casino goers in Atlantic City to bet in games across the internet, an interesting move for any facility that wants customers inside, buying products and taking risks. Still, the new law will open the casinos to a whole slew of potential customers who either won't or can't make it to the casino floor for their daily risk fix.

The state Senate today gave final legislative approval to a bill that would allow gamblers to bet on casino games in Atlantic City over the Internet.


"By allowing casinos to tap into the burgeoning trend of Internet wagering, we can put New Jersey at the forefront of this lucrative gaming market and give our casinos the competitive edge they need in the current economic climate," a sponsor of the bill, Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union), said in a statement.

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