Bieber's Grand Finale in Charlotte

Posted: Feb. 4th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Bieber performs in Charlotte
Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer

Justin Bieber: Almost everyone has an opinion about him. Whether it be good or bad you probably also have an opinion. The fascinating thing about Beiber though is that through out all the controversy and all drama he manages to complete his performances and do them well at that. His recent performance in Charlotte proved that.

There’s a pretty large segment of society that has written off Justin Bieber as a joke, or at least the punch line of a joke – an overproduced, overhyped prefab piece of sticky-sweet pop.

Then there’s the also sizable part of civilization that views him as the total package, someone with young-Brad Pitt-ian good looks, Michael Jackson-esque dance moves, a keen sense of musicality. The new King of Pop, if you will.

Based on his performance during a sold-out concert at Time Warner Cable Arena on Tuesday night, it seems neither point of view is quite right, and neither is quite wrong.

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