Brits Bustle over Boot Faux Pas

Posted: Jan. 3rd, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Danny Alexander's nasty boots

Appearing with the Queen in London, Danny Alexander made something of a faux pas when he appeared onstage with a set of very scuffed, very unpolished shoes. Though perhaps lacking professionalism, foreign audiences probably won't think much of the event, but for the British media, the act is like wildfire.

Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed that one of the MPs in Tuesday’s photo of the Queen with the Cabinet looks a little out of place.


Step forward Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and the only front-row minister who dared to wear scuffed shoes in the presence of Her Majesty. Was there no shoe polish at home that morning? Did a dog eat his smarter set of footwear?


A spokesman at the Treasury tells me the answer to the mystery is Alexander’s tireless dedication to his job. “He’s a real ‘doing’ person and he’s been getting about a lot,” the spokesman explains.

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